Thursday, 23 September 2010

Zombelina.....beware of cheap imitations

Its all gone very Roman recently.....

It started last week with director Carl offering to buy the film rights to Zombelina to get the project moving and asking me to give a price...which I did, and in the great scheme of things - it wasn't even a lot of money, just enough to make it all worth my while.

While he cogitated over the amount, I contacted the actor Steve Garry, who narrated the story to see if I could use the recording and put an atmospheric dance track beneath it.   or click the widget.

In this multi platform world any additional means of promoting  Zombelina and the people involved can only be a good thing. wrong was I?

It seems that the offer to buy the film right was a smoke screen and all along a duplicate screenplay was about to be commissioned by the same director under the really catchy and original name  Zombelline,

Even the fan page which had been set up for Zombelina, had been changed to Zombelline ... now I may be jumping to conclusions here especially as I haven't seen the new story yet or been privvy to any of the plot, but I wouldn't be surprised if it features and old man, a young girl - (who becomes Zombified in some way) and an old haggard witch. 

Dont get me wrong, this blog isn't to gripe about not getting my way - but it is to follow the development of Zombelina, which started out almost 8 months ago now, and after the initial push not much else has happened....

So the future of the project looks a bit wobbly today with the possibility of the artwork disappearing along with the artist and if the animator goes as well then we are probably looking at a different format altogether...

What the events of the last few days have proved though, is that if people are willing to resort to foul means to get their hands on the script and even in some cases threatened violence...( I kid you not) then it must mean that we definitely have something here....imitation is the greatest form of flattery after all.

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